Why Should You Avoid Cheap SEO Packages?

seo | 3 April 2020 Why Should You Avoid Cheap SEO Packages? Reading Time: 2 minutes

SEO is essential as it remains the single most effective marketing technique for scaling traffic online. However, the practice has become increasingly challenging and competitive, where several brands continue to strive for a viable share of the market. Brands who invest in good quality SEO can secure higher rankings consistently, thus gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Execution is the key if you are looking to capitalize on trends and leverage on SEO successfully. For this to happen, you will need to invest in customized and high-quality SEO, rather than trying to cut down on costs by selecting a cheaper alternative. Here are some compelling reasons to avoid affordable SEO packages:

1. Can’t deliver basic SEO requirements:

SEO basics include high-quality content and backlinks. Both these activities are labor-intensive, and they account for a significant share of an SEO’s outlay. Cheap SEO packages lack the capital to offer high-quality service; they cut down on quality in content and will settle for guest posts on sites with lower DA. Affordable SEO packages resort to article spinning, which can severely damage your reputation. Without proper research, backlinks are often of poor quality that offers minimal value. This can harm your business’s online presence heavily.

2. Sub-standard link building:

Earlier, link building focused on quantity over quality. This meant content went for a toss for the sake of building lots of links. Affordable SEO packages often follow the same technique today, while Google’s algorithm has changed the field of link building. Google now penalizes poor quality, mass link building and the businesses that commission these strategies. Quality stays over quantity in case of link building, and therefore, your business should employ a reputable SEO Service Provider.

3. One size does not fit all:

Affordable SEO packages often set options and pricing across the board. This is a genuine red flag as no two businesses will work on the basis of one single strategy. Every strategy is tailored to suit the needs, circumstances, and objectives of the company. So, every approach will be unique to every client. These packages offered by cheap SEO providers won’t render you any results. Investing in a reputable SEO provider will incur an understanding of the structure of your business, paying close attention to your operations, etc. Such elements aren’t included in cheap SEO Services.

4. Cannot hold them accountable:

Cheap SEO providers focus more on a high-volume of business compared to building relations with existing clients since their business model does not allow them to cultivate long-term business relationships. These SEO companies will have little interest in the businesses they serve, and by the time the company becomes frustrated with their service and ends the contract, they will have secured another short-term client.


While it’s easy to understand the attraction factor of cheap SEO packages in the current business and economic climate, businesses must stick to the basic rule of prioritizing value over cost. Your SEO provider will have the key to make or break your business, therefore, invest only in the best in the market, like us at ValueHits. We are seasoned veterans in the field of SEO and have decades of experience to guide your business with competitive strategies. Head to our website for more information.

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