Google Adwords Management Services

Google Adwords is an online paid advertising service provided by the world’s largest search engine, Google. PPC advertising on Google Adwords is the most widely used advertising tool by digital marketers to reach target prospects and increase sales.

We are a Google partner agency, which means that we are privileged to receive priority support whenever required. If ever we face a hard time on Adwords, we can directly coordinate with Google and get it sorted quickly.

The things we take care when creating the most relevant Google Adwords ads for your business:

Set Objectives – Identifying advertising objectives is crucial to a campaign’s success. We acquire a comprehensive understanding of your business to determine the campaign objective and develop an effective advertising strategy according to it.

Target identification – It is very important to align your ads with your target’s interest, requirements, and availability. We identify the target audience based on the campaign objective to build the ad text and ad strategy around it. We focus minimizing the cost per click and maximizing quality traffic.

Ad Text – We create enticing keyword rich ad texts to lure your prospects. We make sure that your Ad states what the users are looking for, based on our groundbreaking research.

Call to Action – Call to action must be clear and precise regardless of the length and appeal of your ad copy. We make sure our Ad copy drives the prospect to take the intended action.

Testing – We create multiple options of the same ad with different ad texts, landing pages and call to actions, to figure out what works the best for your business, as revenue is primary and traffic is secondary.

Updates – We review the Google Adwords campaign on a regular basis, we refine its performance to attain better conversion rate and traffic.

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