PPC Management Services

Search engine optimization takes a back seat when search engine marketing or pay per click advertising comes into the picture. In PPC advertising a business does not try to build organic traffic, rather it pays for bringing targeted and fast traffic to its website. ValueHits is a known digital marketing agency and has an upper hand in PPC management for various organizations across industries.

Turn the tables

There is no alternative of PPC advertising for the kind of speedy results that it generates, you get your ad approved and it starts appearing on the top of search result page to attract the target audience. You start getting instantaneous response and traffic to your website, this eventually leads to conversion and profits in no time.

Our Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services include:
Keyword Discovery and Selection

We identify and select the most relevant keywords for your products/services to trigger more dedicated traffic.

Ad Text Creation

Merely placing an ad will not do anything, we focus on creating a PPC ad that attracts your target audience and provokes them to take an action.

Help with Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages play an important role in generating conversions from PPC campaigns. We recommend important changes that make your landing pages user-friendly in order to maximize conversions from the campaign.

Conversion Tracking

It is essential to track conversions to check the performance of the campaign. Conversion tracking allows us to monitor the PPC advertisement’s performance from start to finish and calculate ROI.

PPC Monitoring

You cannot turn a blind eye to a non-performing PPC campaign. PPC monitoring measures various aspects of a PPC ad campaign like the source of traffic, conversion rates, trigger search terms, etc.

Competitive Analysis

We build a PPC strategy around elements that separate a business from its competitors. We regularly analyze competitors insights and do the required improvement in our campaign.

We are a Best PPC Management Company with vast experience in creating, managing, and delivering result driven PPC campaigns. If you are interested in Pay Per Click management services, get in touch with us. You can call +91 22 40500600 or mail sales@valuehits.com.


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