Email Marketing

Email marketing is communicating, informing, promoting and persuading prospects through email messages. A highly wrought email campaign is generally run, it is a set of email marketing messages that are sent to users at regular intervals such that they engage, educate and motivate to take an intended action. Email messages can be informational or sales oriented, they seek reader to either download, buy, subscribe, call or visit a particular website. The better the email marketing campaign, the better is the return on investment. ValueHits offers email marketing services that can take your business to new heights.

A message that excites

An appealing subject line is the icebreaker, eye-popping subject catches attention and motivates the prospect to read the complete mail. Our team of email marketing in India has creative content experts who understand consumer psychology and the way they react to different communications. We doubt plain flat communication in an email campaign, our email messages are intelligently framed, catchy and enticing, that’s why they do wonders for our clients.

Knock the right doors

Our research team is vigilant about client’s business communication needs from an email marketing campaign. They provide the most accurate database of email accounts. Email marketing service providers know that half of the job is done if the email communications are going to the right people, thus we can focus on making the email message strong.

Plans that accentuate response

We have changed the face of email marketing in India. We have a complete planning process wherein we identify the communication objective, frame an impeccable communication around it, shoot emails to target audience and track Email marketing activity performance. At every step of the planning process, we have domain experts that ensure venture success.

Personalized Touch

Being renowned email marketing service providers in India, personalized email marketing is one of our most popular services. We are capable of sending personalized messages with user’s login name, or even deeply personalized with sales or browsing history. If an individual visited your website or mobile application and searched for some specific stuff, we track these activities and send personalized emails for a winged response.

We have helped numerous companies in reaching a broad customer base and have gushing sales. Avail the services of the best email marketing company in Mumbai and take advantage of our deft for sure shot email marketing success. Our email marketing services will help you in transforming your emails for the better. To know more call +91 40 500 600 or email us at