Media Buying & Planning

Catch the right eyes!

Media Buying for online advertising deals with identifying digital platforms that can best advertise the client’s brand and drive traffic. Media buying can be a part of the overall marketing plan or just digital marketing plan. The ultimate aim of Media Buying Services is to maximize the outcome of digital advertising campaigns through the use of a perfect media buying strategy

Online media planning and buying is a process of identifying the target, strategizing, negotiating, buying space and placing advertisements. In the event of buying an online ad space, it is mandatory to consider the product being advertised, ad’s target audience and final goals of the campaign.

Media buying is something we are very ardent about at ValueHits, recognizing how important it is to the overall success of the digital marketing campaign. As one of the leading Media Buying Service Providers in India, we know how right media decisions can change the whole story for you. Our buys are highly targeted and aim at placing the right advertisement at the right place on the right time every time. We buy ad spaces on websites and mobile applications for the best price. It provides more value for money compared to traditional advertising.

With media buying finesse, we create ads that are strictly targeted because a lot of user data is available online like location, age, gender, occupation, browsing history and all the detailed data available on Social Media. We identify these areas and define target audience as per our client’s campaign goals. It provides surety that budget and efforts are not wasted as the ad reaches the right people.

  • Our negotiation gets you the best ad space bid
  • Our planning places the ad on the right online advertising space
  • We have performed media buying for national and international clients
  • Our research team identifies the target based on your brand
  • Ad results are tracked for best performance
  • It happens real-time, fast and easy

Are you looking for media planning and buying agency? Feel free to contact us and avail our exceptionally rewarding media services. You can call +91 22 40500600 or mail to know more.


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