The Conversions of An Affiliate Website Raised By 450%

July 23, 2024


A affiliate website offers assistance to people for those who wish to become an Uber driver and is interested in making additional money by driving. It aims to provide drivers with the best promo codes and driving tips for Uber. They do receive a profit when drivers use their promo codes for a sign-up bonus, as it is double sided promotions, which benefit both parties in the advertisement.


Due to its meager budget, the website was not able to get expected clicks and signups from the AdWords campaigns which they had set up before. The cost of conversion of the campaign was also very high. Their primary objective was to increase the number of signups from the campaign without expanding the budget. After having approached ValueHits, our PPC experts performed the full analysis of their campaign and formed a plan of action to accomplish their objectives.


Primarily, our team of PPC experts analyzed the search terms leading conversions and identified proper keywords to target for the campaign. We studied the conversion pattern of the previous campaign thoroughly and made the required changes accordingly in the new campaign. Moreover, we tested the various combination of bids, ad scheduling, and targeted locations. We had also made use of bid adjustments for devices. It assisted in grabbing maximum relevant clicks towards campaign leading the increase in the number of


The initiatives taken by ValueHits has helped to increase the number of clicks and signups and lowered the cost per conversion too. The campaign is now getting a right amount of clicks and conversions with the following results:

– 450% increase in the total conversions
– There was a drop in the cost per conversion by 390%
– Conversion rate increased by 90%
– Drop in the average CPC by 140%

Adwords Screenshot:

The Conversions of An Affiliate Website