Hair Loss Treatment Center’s Conversions Increased By 150%

May 20, 2024


A full-service hair loss treatment center in New Jersey is involved in providing services, including Laser Therapy, Hair Extensions, Hair Loss treatment and other hair repair services to men, women, and children. It is popular among some of the well-known celebrities, and clients across the world. The case study focuses on the initial pay per click process for their website.


Although being an established, the center needed that extra punch in their online advertising that would enable the company to boost its presence in the highly competitive hair loss treatment business. The center turned to ValueHits to manage its paid search campaign that would help to improve click rates on the website, improve targeting of the audience, increase lead production, and boost conversion rate. ValueHits created a bespoke PPC plan to accomplish the goals set by the company.


The PPC experts of ValueHits helped them to improve click-through rates and improve acquisition by developing a strategy, depending upon the budget of the company. The PPC specialists broadened keywords and designed targeted ads using various features of Adwords. Mostly, our plan was also to retain existing customers. We also made the required changes in the bidding, ad scheduling, device targeting to maximize the conversions from the PPC campaigns.


The ValueHits has been beneficial for the center in improving their overall AdWords performance. Without the need to increase the paid advertising budget, the website saw a considerable improvement in conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and instant growth in traffic. Following are the highlights:

– Almost 150% of growth in total conversions
– Increase in CTR from 1.74% to 3.11%
– CPA decreased by 60%
– Increase in the conversion rate from 1.33% to 3.16%

Adwords Screenshot:

Hair Loss Treatment Center's Conversions Increased By 150%