ValueHits Helps Healthcare Recruiter Increase Its Social Media Engagement

July 23, 2024


The mentioned business is the UK’s leading multidisciplinary healthcare recruiter and works with over 90% of NHS trusts, in addition to private medical organizations. Since 2002, it has maintained its enviable position within the medical recruitment market as the leading locum agency for the recruitment of doctors, nurses, AHPs and primary care staff for the NHS and private medical sectors.


The primary goal of the business was to reach more and more healthcare professionals for the recruitment purpose and avail them of their services. They wanted to explore their services and information through social media, such as via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, by increasing the number of followers.


ValueHits being trustworthy and accurate enough in providing its services, the mentioned business thought of approaching us and handed us the responsibility of implementing and executing their goals, so that they can reach up to the maximum audience. We primarily analyzed their social media pages, to identify what was required to optimize those pages. Secondly, we studied the type of content that was needed and would be helpful for them and accordingly created a social media content strategy.

Based on the content strategy, we created informative and promotional posts and posted them on their pages. Furthermore, ValueHits’s team of experts joined relevant groups and community of the social media sites and engaged the audience by sharing posts on a regular basis. The audience queries were also being responded whenever required, converting them into customers. Some trending topics were shared on social media with the relevant hashtag, to keep people updated and engaged. Additionally, competitors analysis was being done to know their activities they perform to keep a track on them.


Before starting the project, the social media followers for business were very less. Eventually, the number raised when they approached us. The activities performed and efforts taken by ValueHits resulted in the following achievements.

1. The number of likes of the Facebook page increased by 10%
2. There was an improvement in the engagement on their Facebook page.
3. The number of followers on Twitter increased by 6%
4. Linkedin audience increased by 5%
5. There was an increase in the leads and inquiries from all social media channels.