Conversions Of A Large E-commerce Website Increased By 20%

April 18, 2024


A well-established, UK based company offers a range of carefully selected, completely natural products to support healthy living. All of the products they offer are entirely natural and must pass stringent selection criteria before being provided to people.


The website is running the Adwords campaigns for a long time. There were frequent fluctuations in the performance of their Adwords campaigns. As a result, they approached ValueHits to look after their Adwords campaign. They had many expectations including- improvements in the performance, required suggestions to reduce cost per conversion, improve conversions rate, etc.


It is a large e-commerce website; thus it was a bit challenging to understand the complete structure of the site. When it came into the hands of ValueHits, We observed that their campaign’s performance was quite stabilized; however, there was a scope to improve the performance. We also suggested making their website responsive to enhance the user experience on the website.

Most of the campaigns mainly focused on their brand products, and it was necessary to improve the user behavior on their respective landing pages, in order to gain more number of conversions. ValueHits thoroughly scrutinized every campaign. Accordingly, we suggested making the required changes, which helped them obtain more relevant traffic, as well as enhance the user engagement on the landing page. As most of the campaigns were dealing in the branded products, we also made use of broad match modifier. Furthermore, we impeded the negative keywords to avert irrelevant clicks to the website.


The efforts of ValueHits turned out into good results such as there was an increase in the number of conversions, reduction in the AVG CPC & cost per conversion, growth in the traffic and conversion rate, etc. Below are the highlights.

– Conversions increased by 20.88%
– Improvement in the conversions value by 16.62%
– Reduction in AVG CPC by 6.95%

Adwords Screenshot: