A Dental Clinic Benefited With Reduction in Cost Per Conversion by 49%

April 18, 2024


A general dental health care clinic in Canada offers a range of dental treatments. They focus on providing dental procedures to their patients to experience total dental wellness, inform patients, and create awareness regarding dental care practices and precautions to achieve ideal oral health.


Even while being favored by esteemed clients, and having respectable rankings on search engines, the business found its potential conversions to be missed out and lacked the rankings for its targeted keyword phrases, as well as engagement quotient. To overcome such issues, the center chose ValueHits that made the website more appealing to its target audience, increased keyword-rich, improved ranking and enhanced the viewer’s engagement. The website’s goal was apparent: To achieve better ranking and generate conversions.


A proper campaign structure was being formed as per the requirements. The campaign structure made by us was so systematic that every vital service has its budget. To improve the branding of the clinic, we also set up a display campaign for the clinic. To reach up to the targeted audience, we made use of different targeting options, which are available on the Google display network. We also ensure about the regular checking of search terms to avoid any irrelevant clicks to the website. Along with this, we had also created dedicated call campaign to increase the number of calls to the clinic. For all campaigns we had set up an appropriate conversions tracking, which helped us to track the cost per conversion. We analyzed the conversion pattern for the campaigns and make the changes in the device & location targeting, bidding, ad scheduling as per the requirements.


Changes made to the campaigns showed the positive results. There were lots of improvements in the Traffic, CTR, Conversions Rate, CPA and many more. The call campaign was helpful to increase the number of calls on a regular basis which helps to generate more leads to the clinic. Not only this but, we had taken complete control over the campaigns to help increase or decrease budget as per their requirements; resulting in the steady improvement in the traffic, inquiries as well as brand awareness. Below are the highlights.

The search campaign CTR was increased by 37.45%

–  63.57% increase in the conversion rate for the search campaign

–  There was a decrease in the cost per conversion for search campaign by 49.18%

–  71.88% increase in the number of conversions from the search campaign

Adwords Screenshot:

Cost Per Conversion