A Hair Loss Treatment Center Got Their Organic Sessions Increased By 36.64%

June 14, 2024


The mentioned business is one of the renowned hair loss treatment centers based in New Jersey. Over the years, the center provides services that include Laser Therapy, Hair Extensions, Hair Loss treatment and other hair repair services to men, women, and children. It is popular among some of the well-known celebrities, and clients across the world. The case study focuses on the initial search engine optimization process for their website.


Even while being favored by esteemed clients, and having respectable rankings on search engines, the business found its potential conversions to be missed out and lacked the rankings for its targeted keyword phrases, as well as engagement quotient. To overcome such issues, the center chose ValueHits that made the website more appealing to its target audience, increased keyword-rich, improved ranking and enhanced the viewer’s engagement. The website’s goal was apparent: To achieve better ranking and generate conversions.


As a part of SEO services, ValueHits provided the website with a focused keyword strategy. The keyword strategies were implemented in page titles website pages accordingly, through the meta title, meta descriptions and internal links from blog posts. Besides, ValueHits also made the required changes to make the website “search engine friendly” and to increase the popularity of the website’s link. Once the plan got implemented, the site saw significant growth in its organic traffic and conversions.


ValueHits has helped center to gain respectable rankings on search engines for its targeted keyword phrases. It also made the website more appealing to its audience and improved viewer’s engagement. One can find the results in a way, where the sessions got increased by 36.64%. The goals aimed and provided by ValueHits, changed the scenario of the website. There was 7.94% increase in the total goal conversions.

Traffic Comparison

A Hair Loss Treatment Center Got Their Organic Sessions Increased By 36.64%