An Online Sports Retailer Drives 129.26% Revenue Gain

July 23, 2024


The mentioned business is one of the leading online shopping websites in the Netherlands that deals with basketball accessories and clothes. The business deals in some of the most sought-after brands, including Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Spalding, Peak, Mr.Lacs and many more!


The basketball shop wanted us to focus on the improving visibility, make their website more SEO-friendly, rank the site for competitive keywords. The e-commerce site needed a robust marketing strategy that would turn the ideas into reality. After realizing the growing importance of establishing a presence online, the business required a user-friendly website and steady web traffic. Another challenge was to capture relevant traffic while dealing with the growing competition in the e-commerce environment.


To commence with SEO, website initially faced the challenge of lack of keyword strategy since it is an e-commerce site selling a diverse range of basketball products. We performed proper keywords research for each category and subcategories and use these keywords to create meta tags and optimize website content. Tackling various technical issues was yet another aspect that was eliminated to make the site more search engine-friendly. With proper analysis of keywords, competitors and a thorough site audit, we implemented SEO initiatives according to schedule, which allowed the website to achieve enhanced visibility and relevant traffic.


The activities done for the website helped business in executing its SEO goals. There was good improvements in the ranking of their primary keywords, organic traffic and sales. Following are the highlights:

– The sessions increased by 24.72%
– The bounce rate decreased by 9.80%
– Avg. session duration increased by
– E-commerce transaction increased by 137.35%
– Considerable growth in the revenue by 129.26%
– E-commerce conversion rate increased by 90%

Traffic Comparison


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