A Success Story of A Travel Company Which Drives Inquiries By 649.23% in Just 6 Months

April 18, 2024


The mentioned travel business is located in the major countries in the world like USA, Canada, and India for last 38 years. The company aims at proffering its clients with discounted airfare tickets at the best possible prices. They assure their clients with full commitment for the services they provide. The company mainly believes that their both professional and financial goals will help them achieve in fulfilling the customer’s expectations.


The company had set up specific objectives for their campaign. They mainly wanted to focus on India to Philippines flight services but were having a limited budget. Furthermore, they wanted to increase the number of inquiries of the above flight services. Therefore, they felt like handling the responsibility of its website to ValueHits for being reliable. Due to its limited budget, it was quite challenging for us to promote both the countries, i.e., India and the Philippines. Our goal was to set up proper campaigns to get many inquiries for their services.


Due to the limited budget, it was important to allocate the budget appropriately, throughout the ad networks and across the countries. Initially, we had set up the campaigns on both the search and display networks through proper campaign targeting settings. To obtain the relevant traffic for the website through the display network, we made use of topics targeting for both the countries. Besides, a search campaign had been set up to target the audience, specifically looking to travel to California or India. Not only we had added proper ad extensions for the campaigns but also suggested creating a dedicated landing page for the mobile.


After the efforts that have been taken by us, the travel company got succeeded in many aspects, such as it obtained excellent results from the campaigns, growth in the number of inquiries. Also, the idea of creating a separate landing page for mobile devices worked very well as there was a massive improvement in the number of conversions from mobile devices. Some of its highlights are mentioned below:

Raised inquiries by 649.23% in just six months
– Growth in the Conversions rate by 630.46%
– Cost per conversion diminished by 86.64%
– Decrease in the Avg CPC by 2.53%

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