ValueHits Helps Dental Clinic Increase Organic Traffic

May 20, 2024


The mentioned dental clinic provides general and emergency dental services to people located in Calgary, Canada. Their services include Invisalign, Dental Veneers, Dental Implants, Teeth Extraction, Walk-In Dental Care, Root Canal Treatment, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Emergency Dental Care, Dental Crowns & Bridges, Dental Hygiene and Botox Treatment. Being based in the Calgary area, they offer these services to a limited geography and target people near Calgary for revenue generation.

Their website informs visitors about the services, the dentists, the fee structure, and allows people to book an appointment online. To target prospects online, they used PPC advertising which accounted for excessively high expenditure on Adwords. When this project came to us, the website had abysmal organic traffic, and the keywords didn’t rank well on SERPs. Moreover, only minimal leads generated from organic sources.


The clinic wanted to increase its profit through digital channels by optimizing expenditure and increasing returns. They tried to reduce spends on digital activities like paid advertising, which were producing traffic too expensively. For this, the primary goal was to amplify the performance of the website in organic search results, improve keyword rankings, and get more traffic naturally instead of paying for it. Finally, the clinic collaborated with ValueHits to address these concerns and gear up the website’s performance in search engines.


To develop an understanding, we analyzed the entire website before fixing the loopholes in it. We learned that the site had many deficiencies that held it back from nurturing a healthy search engine presence. The optimization process was long, challenging and complicated. We started by fixing its keywords and engaged in robust keyword analysis. We incorporated the potential keywords in website content, meta tags, titles, descriptions, image alt tags, etc. We used SEO remedies that made the website more search engine friendly and user-friendly.

As a result of ValueHits’ efforts, the keywords rankings boosted on search engines and the website started receiving significant organic traffic. Things changed favorably with the transition from search engine marketing to search engine optimization, returns increased and the expenditure on paid advertising reduced.


The clinic was quite satisfied with the performance of ValueHits after knowing the results. There were lots of improvements seen after the accomplishments made by us like, the traffic of the website increased by 14.30% and new users count increased by 20.83% which helped in generating more inquiries. There was a good improvement in the keyword’s ranking as well.

Traffic Comparison

Traffic Comparison