8 Tips For A More Effective Paid Search Campaign

search engine marketing | 11 May 2018

Search engine marketing is one of the most expensive digital marketing techniques. Running a successful PPC campaign is no child’s play. The high cost per click makes it essential that advertisers launch a paid campaign that has the potential to generate maximum conversions.

Following are 8 top tips to increase the effectiveness of a paid search campaign, while keeping your budget on track. Our tips concentrate on Google AdWords but are applicable to other PPC platforms as well.

1) Time ads accurately
Run your campaign on peak times when most prospects are active online. Suppose your target audience searches for your products/services between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all days, then telecast your ads during these hours. Another option is to control the bids as per the peak hours. You can do this through the ad scheduling option in campaign settings.

2) Keyword Selection
Select keywords judiciously. There are plenty of paid and free tools online that will help you in making this selection, like Google’s Keyword Planner. Using well-researched keywords will give your campaign the much-needed push.

3) Use Long Tail Terms
The long tail term is used by searchers looking for a specific product/service or niche. For example, ‘calculator’ is a generic term and its long tail term can be ‘business financial calculator’. If you are running a low budget campaign avoid using generic terms and try targeting prospects looking for specific long tail terms.

4) Identify negative keywords
A perfect PPC campaign is incomplete without weeding out negative keywords. Showing your ad to people other than your target audience is a waste of efforts, time and money. Picking out negative keywords helps you in excluding terms that are not relevant to your business.

5) Consider seasons
Some products/services have more demand in a particular season than in others. If you are into seasonal products, it is mindful to invest in PPC ads in months of high market demand to gain maximum traffic and conversions. Make sure to put seasonal keywords in your ad text. Like: winter shrugs, winter cap, summer holiday packages, etc.

6) Build a fantastic Ad copy
Use relevant keywords smartly! An engaging ad copy will do more wonders for you than any other thing. Draft a copy, review and revise it until it is the best version of itself. People are attracted to words that can lure their senses and offer something that excites. You have a chance to beat the competition with an ad copy that’s not confusing or over promotive. Include your desired call to action, the unique selling proposition, offer or discount, and provide other necessary information.

7) Align it
Align your PPC campaign with the overall marketing communications of your business on offline and online channels. If your TV advertisement declares 70 percent discount on certain merchandise make sure your PPC ads echo with it. Any deviation will leave your buyers confused and irritated.

8) Be Local
Even if you are an international brand, customize your business advertisements for the local market. Being local gives you an opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a way that they understand. It provides an edge over the competition, you can customize your ads for different products, locations, languages, time-zones, and landing pages, etc.

Hopefully, our powerful PPC advertising tips will make your next digital gig a well-timed and budgeted paid ad campaign. If you encounter any problems, contact our PPC experts, we will be glad to help you. ValueHits has vast experience in creating and running successful ad campaigns for clients from varied industries.

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