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Landing Pages | 11 December 2019 #5 Tips To Optimise Landing Pages Reading Time: 3 minutes

A strategy can be termed successful when a visitor is converted into a qualified lead. This conversion is possible only when there’s an excellent landing page in place. Digital marketing agencies have expertise in creating such landing pages; therefore, consider hiring one if you are finding it all overwhelming. Also, No inbound marketing campaigns are complete without a landing page. These pages possess the ability to convert a stranger into a lead. So what goes into creating landing pages? The main ingredient is the visitor’s psychology!

When you learn more about a visitor’s psychology, you understand how a visitor will reciprocate with your landing page, and what will be running through their mind. The main agenda is to grab their attention! Understanding their psychology, you can learn their behaviors and make visitors take action accordingly.

Here, we will talk about how to design a landing page to persuade visitors to take action:

1) Compelling Headlines:

A headline is a gateway to making your visitors come over to your page. Sensational headlines entice the audience and make them stick around on your website for longer. Since people care about themselves a lot, you should try to speak to them in their language, offer solutions to their problems and maybe something free.
Your product/service’s unique selling point should be portrayed flawlessly on the landing page to get the best out of your headline. Aligning the keywords properly also grabs your prospect’s attention and also help with Search Engine Optimisation Services.

2) Visual Cues:

According to the ‘deictic gaze’ theory, human sight instantly goes to where someone else is looking. A landing page with some directional cues can help guide your visitors to signing up with your website and getting converted. These directional cues can be in the form of arrows, lines, human visuals, asymmetrical layouts, etc. and can effectively guide your visitors towards the CTA button. Therefore, your landing page should have some directional cue that can guide the visitors to find the CTA button and get converted easily.

3) Engaging Videos:

The conversion rates can go up by 80% if your landing page consists of videos. To drive higher engagement rate, you need to keep your videos within 2 minutes long. Most of the landing pages comprise of explainer videos, testimonials, etc. Videos can boost conversions by the right margin because it increases the time spent by the visitors on your page and learns more about the brand. The trust factor goes up when you feature yourself or an employee in the video. Videos are the best option for people who do not prefer to read.

A right landing page should comprise of:

1. A good script
2. Straight-forward information
3. Humour
4. Benefits and solutions
5. Visual appeal
6. Music
7. Call-to-action

4) A copy that persuades:

Time is of the essence, and therefore, people do not prefer spending a lot of time reading essays about your product/services. So, keep your copies short, simple, and in a language that easy to understand.

While writing persuasive texts, you can try different tactics, like the ‘loss aversion’ technique. Humans hate to lose something. So, telling your prospects that they might miss out on something precious if they do not convert now, is one of the ways of persuading people to convert. When you combine these types of copies with a freebie, your prospects will surely convert. Your text should convey the message of losing stuff and gaining freebie accurately.

Creating urgency is another technique to create persuasion. Letting your visitors know that converting now can help them redeem a particular offer is one way of boosting your conversions. You can use a countdown timer to coax visitors to get converted and redeem the offer.

5) Attractive CTAs:

If your landing page does not have a CTA, then you cannot qualify it as a landing page. CTA button is one of the essential elements of a landing page. While the form collects the lead’s information, clicking on the CTA button qualifies them as a qualified lead. Being an essential part of the landing page, they need to stand out and grab the attention of the visitor easily. CTA can be in contrasting colors compared to the other colors on the website since it needs to grab the attention of the visitor.

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When you have the right design elements and accurate details supported by your psychological studies, you have all the ingredients to build a top-notch landing page. If you are just getting started with landing page optimisation, consider hiring ValueHits – a Digital Marketing Agency from Mumbai. With years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation, our agency is adept in optimising your landing pages to boost those conversion rates. If you’d like to learn more about our services, feel free to give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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