4 Actionable ideas to uplift your website’s user engagement

best content writing services | 20 March 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Website user engagement is a crucial indicator determining the success and ranking of your site. Each website is competing with rival brands to increase their engagement levels. Though you attract a huge amount of traffic, this won’t mean much unless you are able to engage visitors as well as get them to do the desired actions.

An engaging user is an essential step in the conversion procedure. You should engage your audience before you can convince them to subscribe or buy. Moreover, having users leave your website within a few seconds will negatively impact your bounce rate. Therefore if website user engagement is so important, how exactly can you increase it?

Below are 4 simple ways you can enhance your website to make it more helpful and useful:

1) Reduce page load time:
You have possibly had an experience with slow-loading pages yourself. You find a website, which looks interesting, then you click the link only to be kept waiting for it to load. You likely exit the website as it is frustrating to wait and wait. The audience would not quickly lose their interest to your site as it is convenient and user-friendly. Even a delay of one-second in the loading speed can minimize user engagement and conversion rates.

2) Build it in Responsive Design:
Nowadays the updated website is a must for leading the competition. Every trend directly related to your website if you execute it properly. Organizations need their sites to be available in all means achievable and responsive design structure ensure the site is extensible & practically functional on each screen size from desktop to devices. The main object of responsive design is to build web-pages which catch visitor’s screen size and then layout changes accordingly.

3) Proper Format For Content:
Nobody would ever want to read a very long paragraph. Just a quick glance at a paragraph with too much information and words could easily increase the bounce rate of your website. No consumer is interested in long texts, mainly when first impressions matter. In such a case, approaching ValueHits can help you gain best content writing services.
For better user engagement, paragraphs must only contain 3-4 lines to make it clear. You can also put in place relevant videos and images between these paragraphs to make them more interesting.

4) Ease of Navigation:
Last but not least, the audience must be able to navigate through the site easily. If the audience is finding it difficult in researching the information they want, the bounce rate of your website will increase, dropping down user engagement. Interlink is a type of hyperlink which is considered either “internal” or “external” on their target designation.


With website user engagement being a necessary feature identifying the performance of a business, you need to make the most of the above tips. Check out which works best for your website design by running tests instead of just settling on one. As you can see, your focus must be on making your website, attractive, interactive and user-friendly.

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