4 Google Display Ad Network Strategies To Maximize Your Business Reach

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Google Display Ad Network is the most popular ad network, where PPC experts publish ads on blogging sites, email, or article sites, not to mention it also appears on video sites like YouTube. You may or may not have come across small boxes or banners promoting product/service either placed at the side or appearing when you load an individual site, those are display ads. When it comes to B2B marketing, GDN has proven its worth by enabling businesses to reap positive benefits from it. The traffic received from this ad network is much higher as compared to search ad networks. Being a business-oriented firm, you will always expect to get good conversion rates through the online marketing campaign. In case of display ads, this can happen when you implement the right strategies so that you get the best possible results. Here are some strategies you can refer to maximize your returns.

Set Clear Goals:

Goal-setting is important for any Pay Per Click campaign. Before you choose display network, make it a priority to discern what do you expect from the campaign – whether you aim to boost sales, generate awareness of a new luxury product or simply looking for a brand promotion. In many cases, the display network is used by marketers to enable your product reach new markets or promotion of a brand which isn’t easy when it comes to search ads.

Automated Bidding & Placements:

When it comes to choosing bidding strategies, you can get better performance by selecting automated bidding option. This will ensure that bids get automatically adjusted based on campaign’s performance.

For extreme effectiveness from the ad network, you can decide placement targeting by choosing for websites that deals with business quite similar to yours or selecting blogging sites where displays ads are allowed. Also, you can also opt for YouTube placements but this could be in a separate ad group. You need to target placements where you think audience spends most of the time. When you find websites that are directly associated with your target market, then the ad is definitely going to get relevant traffic and visibility. To find possible placements, you can also use Google’s tool, just go to AdWords User Interface, go to select “Display Planner” and enter the relevant keyword. The planner will suggest a list of placements for your business.


This is the process getting customers back to your website who earlier visited your site for the purpose of making conversions. Re-marketing targets visitors based on certain factors including people who visited the product page, an individual page of your checkout process or even those who haven’t visited any particular page. The primary concern is finding users who have shown interest in your website. List of users is identified through cookies that are dropped on visitor’s computers who have demonstrated an interest in your site page. Advertisers prepare campaign based on these detected cookies.

Mixed Targeting Strategies:

One of the biggest advantages of Google Display Network is it gives you the option to target audience based on age, gender and interests. Most of the times, advertisers fail to take advantage of multi-layer targeting fully. The network allows you to mix targeting options – including Keyword Targeting + Managed Placements, Demographic targeting, Topic Targeting, Topic Targeting + Keywords, Topic Targeting + Managed Placements, Network & Device Targeting and remarketing.

Some Benefits You Can Get If You Choose Display Network:

By running Google display network, you have the flexibility to experiment with disparate formats including text, video and images using rich media and flash. If you are looking to earn high volume of impressions for your ads, the network is the most efficient means if garnering attention. An incredible way to grab the attention of target audience is using video formats, which is more beneficial than running text or image ads. You can choose YouTube as you advertising source as it attracts millions of people from around the world, thus giving you add a broad reach in terms of traffic.

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